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Problem: The Unsolvable Problem of Art

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Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy
am 19.12.2012

Whilst governments and the general public continue to profess that they value, love and need the arts, almost no one is prepared to pay for art or to pay artists.

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Katerina Kokkinos-Kennedy
am 19.12.2012, 11:44

This is a deep dilemma for our culture and for arts practitioners.

And there is always an endless supply of younger emerging artists, to take the place of experiences artists, who will work for little or no money.

Thus the mature artists often burn out and are not able to offer their more nuanced and developed works.

And indeed, Berlin is a city that thrives on the reputation of the arts whilst making it increasingly difficult for independent artists to survive.

What can be done about this unsolvable problem?


Vanessa Boysen
am 26.01.2013, 19:08

People never paid for art. They pay for associating themselves with art/artists. Today an increasing number of people want to be artists themselves or what they think being an artist means. They want to contribute to society and culture by developing their own voice and express themselves in a certain way. In the digital age more and more people have access to the means of producing and distributing their work (you may consider this as art or not) often collaborating on ideas and / or remixing existing work. Associating to exclusive artwork will still be a motive for buying art. But moreover artists could help educating people on art and open up space for the desire of human expression. Maybe they will become something between artist and art facilitator.


Anna Wiesinger
am 18.02.2013, 16:29

Yes, I think, we have to modify our self understanding, what an artist is. The time is over, when artists remain in their “Elfenbeinturm” an created great art for the people being born after them... Means, that we have to participate directly in today society, each artist after is own fashion. What art gives ME – this is, what I have to pass to others. That is all, easy and very sophisticated at the same time.


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